Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Turmeric destroy cancer cells

Hey please read this discovery......

Millions of us love a curry but few realise it could be used to beat cancer.

A chemical found in the spice turmeric (kunyit) has been found to destroy oesophageal cancer cells.

Previous scientific studies have suggested curcumin - which gives curries a distinctive yellow colour can suppress tumours and that people who eat lots of curry may be less prone to the disease.

Now Irish scientists have found curcumin started to kill oesophageal cancer cells within 24 hours. The cells also began to digest themselves, they said in a study published in the British Journal of Cancer.

Sharon Mc Kenna, lead author of the study in Cork , said curcumin caused the cancer to die 'using an unexpected system of cell messages'.

Almost 8,000 Britons develop cancer of oesophagus every year and it kills more than 500,000 people worldwide each year. The tumours are especially deadly, with 5 year survival rates of as little as 12%.

Curcumin is also being tested as a potential treatment for other diseases, including dementia and arthritis.

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